TTL Ultrasonic Distance Sensor For OEMs

MassaSonic PulStar TTL Series ultrasonic sensors from Massa Products easily interface into an OEM system integrator’s control system.

Aw 247002 1803np Massa

Powered by 5 VDC, the sensors communicate using asynchronous UART TTL 1.8 V or 3.0 V signals and have detection setting features to ignore false echoes. Fast start, short and long range models deliver 0.1% full-scale accuracy with a narrow 8-degree total beam to provide measurement confidence in space-constrained applications. Units are suitable for battery operation or system integrations where C1D1 intrinsic safety is a benefit. Features include rapid start-up time (less than 500 ms), RoHS compliance, and a compact IP68 capability for most chemical conditions. Ranges extend from 4 inches (100 mm) to 13 feet (4 m). The units have an integrated NPT fitting in PVC or PVDF housings. Continuous temperature compensation is performed to achieve precise measurement accuracy. Other features include diagnostic waveforms that allow the user to adjust sensitivity settings in more challenging operations.

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