Machine Vision Camera

Balluff's SmartCamera takes inspection and identification applications, in color or monochrome, to a higher level.

Machine Vision Camera
Machine Vision Camera

The camera simplifies overall usability in an otherwise complex world of vision-based technology, while still delivering a robust assortment of features like flexible connectivity and intuitive on-board image processing tools. It combines the power of the Halcon function library with the simplicity of the BVS-Cockpit user interface. With an on-board IO-Link master in addition to Ethernet/IP, Profinet, TCP and UDP communication, the camera can be integrated into any major control network, with data passed on directly to the controller. Intelligent analysis algorithms output the results on the interface and in the format the user needs them. The flexibility of the image processing means the optimal value can be obtained from the data whenever needed. To secure the Profinet network, it is possible to send only process-relevant information and pass control and image data over a separate network. Software, manuals and diagnostics functions are integrated into the camera and can be viewed at any time from the graphical interface.

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