Pre-Assembled DP Flow Metering Solution for Continuous Service in Harsh Environments

Emerson’s Rosemount 9295 process flow meter combines existing advancements and patented technologies to deliver streamlined installation, reduced downtime and elimination of required straight-run piping.

Pre-Assembled DP Flow Metering Solution from Emerson
Pre-Assembled DP Flow Metering Solution from Emerson

Intended for use in hydrocarbon and other harsh environment applications, the unit helps users streamline procurement, installation, operation and maintenance. Design and purchasing consists of specifying and buying one assembly — instead of specifying up to 15 individual components, creating a custom design and assembling these components. Installation is similarly simplified and speeded as most field welding, cutting, fabrication and other tasks are not required because all components are fully assembled and leak checked. At the same time, individual components can be replaced while in service, reducing downtime. Features include welded spool section design for drop-in installation; all-welded design that meets piping requirements for hydrocarbon applications and reduces potential leak points; roddable impulse lines that allow removal of impulse line blockages without a process shutdown; optional integral RTD that provides critical temperature reading to assist mass flow calculations; dual-tap configurations that support fully redundant DP transmitter assemblies for safety instrumented systems; isolation valves that meet API 602 requirements and are designed to operate through years of continuous service; and the 3051S DP transmitter to deliver accurate flow readings and device diagnostic information via HART.

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