Incremental Encoders Save Space with Angled Cable Entry

Nov. 12, 2018
POSITAL’s IXARC incremental encoders are now available with a special housing that features a cable entry angled at 45° to the device’s axis.

This compact design combines features of both axial and radial cable entries in a single unit, providing the installer with more flexibility when laying out the connection cable. The new encoder models share the advantages of other IXARC incremental encoders: The core magnetic measurement technology is rugged and accurate, with excellent dynamic response. A wide variety of flange and shaft configurations are available, reducing the need for costly adaptors or work-around. A water and dust-tight grommet around the cable entry ensures that the devices meet IP65 level ingress protection. The housing is 36 mm in diameter and 32 mm long. The encoders are programmable, and resolution can be set anywhere from one to 16,384 pulses-per-turn in software without requiring any changes to the mechanical properties of the devices. Similarly, pulse direction and the output driver — either Push-Pull (HTL) or RS422 (TTL) — can be defined through software parameters. Changes can be made quickly in the field or in the shop using the company’s UBIFAST programming tool.

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