Compact Hygienic Transmitters

Jan. 29, 2019
Emerson’s Rosemount 326/327 line of pressure, level and temperature instruments offers food and beverage facilities the opportunity to improve efficiency, safety, product quality and consistency.

The 326P pressure transmitter is used for hydrostatic level measurement on fermenter tanks, storage tanks and silos, as well as static pressure measurements on pipes or near pumps to ensure line pressures are in tolerance. The 326T and 327T temperature transmitters monitor process temperature, an extremely important factor in all steps of food and beverage processing such as fermenting or pasteurizations, storage tank temperature, or ensuring clean-in-place processes are within FDA approved limits for an effective cleaning cycle. The 326L level transmitter will monitor continuous level in small to medium-sized storage, holding or buffer tanks. All transmitters comply with 3-A and FDA specifications, and are available with nine common industry process connections to ensure the right fit for new tanks and pipe fittings, as well as capability to be retrofitted on legacy systems. The transmitters also can be mounted in tighter locations common on packaging machinery. Conventional 4-20 mA outputs and IO-Link connectivity make the transmitters easy to integrate with automation systems.

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