Software Analyzes Heterogeneous Data

Aug. 8, 2019
With an OPC UA communication channel, Beckhoff’s TwinCAT Scope multi-core oscilloscope offers a charting tool for diverse data sources.

Machine data acquisition via OPC UA and analytics tools are becoming increasingly important, but information must be presented in a clear and efficient manner, and the machine control system also has to cover a wide range of other smart components. This software provides support for integrated data acquisition across heterogeneous system environments. A standardized OPC UA communication channel enables the charting tool to analyze data from diverse sources such as TwinCAT controllers and third-party components. The software consists of Scope View for the graphical display of signal curves and Scope Server for the actual data logging. The Scope Server can be installed on a target device for autonomous logging (without the View component if desired) or on the corresponding engineering system together with Scope View for remote logging. The latter solution offers the advantage that no additional software has to be installed on the target device. As a result, no updates to TwinCAT controllers are required, and devices without TwinCAT software do not require modification to display their data graphically in Scope View. The TwinCAT Target Browser, used to manage connected data sources in TwinCAT Engineering, has also been expanded with OPC UA support. It enables browsing in the namespaces of connected OPC UA servers and can be used to select desired variables for logging by the Scope Server with configuration options for certificate-protected access.

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