Wire-Actuated Position Sensor for Hydraulic Cylinders Conserves Stroke

April 30, 2020
SIKO’s SGH10L position sensor is for applications where almost no stroke loss is acceptable when integrating the sensor into the cylinder.
Adding new functions to machines or vehicles can be difficult because of space limitations. This sensor uses a lateral mounting on the hydraulic cylinder in a specially developed housing rather than, as usual, in the cylinder base. The system is fixed to the cylinder by a hydraulic screw connection. The cable is guided into the cylinder and then redirected towards the piston head. There the cable is screwed in. Thus only the installation space for the sensor ear is required in the cylinder. As it is only a few millimeters in size, this results in a particularly compact installation shape. Sensors with this design open up a new dimension of structural possibilities, increasing flexibility in the design of hydraulic cylinders with integrated position measurement. The sensor can, for example, also be used in hydraulic cylinders with extremely small diameters, e.g. 20 mm and smaller, or integrated in cylinders with mechanical end-position cushioning. Available interfaces include analog current or voltage outputs, CANopen or SAE J1939. The intuitive teach-in function means that the sensor, which is available in two versions (500 mm and 1000 mm measuring range), can be easily and conveniently taught in to the exact measuring range. >>For more information on this product, click here SIKO Products Inc.www.siko-global.com734.426.3476