Long-Range Proximity Sensors are IIoT-enabled with IO-link

April 30, 2020
Omron’s E2EW Series of metal face proximity sensors help cut downtime with durable construction and long sensing range.

The sensing range of the series is approximately twice that of previous models for ferrous metals and six times as long as previous models for aluminum, making them the suitable for mixed-metal production lines. As the sensing ranges for both metals are now equivalent, the sensors support a common design for position detection in such lines. In addition, the enhanced sensing range helps reduce target contact and shutdowns. The units also reduce unexpected facility stoppages by minimizing false detection for unsteady objects. The sensors last 60 times as long as previous models in typical automotive welding applications. In addition, they are Industrial Internet of Things-enabled with IO-Link; support for IO-Link makes it possible to gather data on the detection level and temperature changes of proximity sensors from a single location in real time. Pre-wired and pre-wired connector models are available.

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