FS Series GigE Vision Line Scan Camera

Oct. 1, 2020
This machine vision camera from Omron Automation is designed to be compact and features Power over Ethernet, allowing for power and data transferred over a single Ethernet cable.

Omron Automation’s FS Series GigE Vision line scan camera are designed for accuracy. This camera has a compact, 58x58 mm frame and Precision Time Protocol (PTP) capabilities. According to Omron, PTP allows for more precise multi-camera triggering by lowering the latency when multiple cameras on the same system are triggered simultaneously. This makes the FS Series GigE Vision line scan camera suitable for applications like optical scanning, waterfall sorting, or pick-and-place. The FS Series GigE Vision line scan cameras are available in 2K, 4K, and 8K resolutions with single-line monochrome, dual-line monochrome, and color formats. The cameras are available with F-Mount, C-Mount, and M42-Mount lens configurations. This series of cameras also incorporate GigE Vision along with Power over Ethernet, allowing users to supply power and transfer image data on a single Ethernet cable, a feature the company says will help reduce system costs and simplify installation and setup.