Dual Display Digital Panel Meter

Dec. 7, 2020
Otek Corp's NTM-8 smart meter was created as a replacement for any 6- or 7-inch analog meter, available with dual display, self-diagnostics, and metal housing.
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The NTM-8 smart meter is a direct form, fit, and function replacement for the Foxboro 257, Bailey 775, or any other 6- or 7-inch analog meter. Available in a metal housing, the NTM-8 has industry standard dimensions of 2.785-inch width x 6.35-inch height. Able to offer a dual display, the NTM-8 can house anywhere from two to four channels, with four digits and an automatic tricolor bar display with intensity control. It can be powered by the current loop, the AC signal or an external power source. Additional features of the NTM-8 include an input failure alarm with run time stamp that alerts the operator in the event of a dead or lost signal, self-diagnostics, isolated serial I/O or USB/RS485, math functions, four relays or open collector transistors, optional 4-20mA/30V output, and a configurable bar direction. 

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