Edge-Enabled I/O Module

Discover Opto 22's new version 3.0 firmware update to groov RIO, introducing proportional-integral-derivative control, thermistor support, and centralized user management.

5 Opto22 Edge Enabled Io Module

Following the initial launch of groov RIO in early 2020, Opto 22 has further expanded the remote I/O, connectivity, and security features of its edge I/O module with the release of its version 3.0 firmware. This version introduces stand-alone proportional- integral-derivative (PID) control, thermistor support, and centralized user management via lightweight directory access protocol. PID control is one of the most widely used control methods, applicable to a multitude of process variables, including temperature, pressure, feed/flow rate, position, speed, weight, and concentration. Opto 22’s groov RIO aims to support distributed automation by simplifying the process of specifying, configuring, installing, and communicating remote I/O signals. 

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