Plug-and-Play De-Chlorination Analyzer

The DC80 De-Chlorination Analyzer by Electro-Chemical Devices provides accurate measurement and protects sensors from damage, while also featuring built-in automatic pH compensation that eliminates the need for expensive reagents.

7 Electro Chemical Devices Plug And Play De Chlorination Analyzer For Industrial Water Treatment Processes

The DC80 De-Chlorination Analyzer uses a “zero-shift” methodology to provide accurate measurement and protect chlorine sensors from damage, which occurs when the water samples measured contains near zero or zero levels of chlorine. Using this method, some chlorine is metered into the sample, shifting the zero from a near-zero chlorine concentration to a measurable value. The analyzer’s offset feature allows the metered value to be subtracted from the measurement. The DC-80 monitors chlorine from 0.05-20 ppm. In addition, it features advanced panel pressure regulators and rotameters. Built-in automatic pH compensation for samples between 4 and 12 pH eliminates the need for expensive reagents to reduce maintenance and life-cycle costs. 

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