Bargraph Meter

Feb. 12, 2021
Otek Corp's fully customizable NTM-9 meter is built to be a drop-in replacement for many popular analog meters and can meet nuclear, military, and commercial standards
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The NTM-9 meter is a form, fit, and function drop-in replacement for popular analog meters such as the GE/Yokogawa 180, Weschler VX252/252, Dixson BB101, and Sigma 1151. With a vertical 6-inch bargraph meter able to accommodate up to 2 channels, the NTM-9 carries an industry-standard housing of 2.16-in. width x 6-in. height x 3-in. depth and is available in either plastic or metal. Fully customizable, this meter can meet nuclear and military grades in addition to commercial standards. The meter incorporates ultra-bright LED technology to offer an automatic tricolor bargraph with intensity control and four digits at 0.3-in. measuring at 0.1% accuracy.