TURCK True Torque Connectors Ensure a Secure Connection Without Overtightening

M12 true torque connectors enable users to confirm hand-tighten connectors to a predefined torque, with no tools required. This design prevents overtightening, thus maintaining the integrity of the mechanics and the o-ring connection. True torque connectors are compatible with all existing M12 products.

TURCK introduces M12 true torque connectors, which may be hand-tightened to a predefined torque, preventing overtightening. Determining whether or not a connector is properly secured is easy with the true torque connector: Once the proper torque has been achieved, the nut rotates freely—indicated by a clear haptic and audible signal.

The true torque connector is compatible with all existing M12 products and can be manually connected, with no tools required. Because the connector cannot be overtightened, the integrity of the mechanics and the o-ring connection is maintained. These connectors are available with 3, 4 or 5 poles, in both male and female versions, and in either straight or right-angle configurations.

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