High Resolution Linear Position Sensors Replace Magnetostrictive and Potentiometer Devices

Sept. 23, 2010
TURCK's LI-Q25 series linear position sensors deliver precise, repeatable measurements with a resolution of up to 1 µm. The sensors are unaffected by metal debris, easily replacing magnetostrictive and potentiometer devices in metal processing machines, rolling mills or injection molding machines.
TURCK's LI-Q25 series linear position sensors replace magnetostrictive and potentiometer devices to deliver precise, repeatable measurements in metal processing machines, rolling mills or injection molding machines. Unlike magnetostrictive or magnetic inductive position sensors, LI-Q25 sensors do not require a magnetic positioning device; thus, they are unaffected by metal debris. The sensors provide up to 1 µm resolution and can achieve measuring ranges between 100 and 1,000 mm with analog voltage/current, SSI or I/O Link outputs.The linear position sensors use emitter and receiver coil systems, precisely arranged on a printed circuit board, that are activated with a high frequency AC field and produce an inductive RLC circuit with the positioning element (resonator). As a result, the resonator is inductively coupled with the receiver coils. Different voltages are induced into the coils depending on the position of the resonator, and these voltages serve as a measure for the sensor signal.To increase the speed and accuracy of measurement, LI-Q25 series linear position sensors have a coarse and a fine measuring coil system that is microprocessor controlled. An integrated processor provides an output signal in different formats: 0 to 10 V, 4 to 20 mA, IO-Link or SSI.The linear position sensors have extremely short blind zones of only 29 mm on each side, along with a wide temperature range of -25 to 70°C. The sensors may also be programmed for different measuring ranges.More information, specs, and photos

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