Murrelektronik, Inc: M8 Connectors Offer Better Performance, More Features

May 2, 2013
The new M8s have molded PUR connectors, gold-plated contacts, a smooth surface and more.

The smooth surface stays cleaner than the previous ridged design, and feature a built-in connection for corrugated pipes and a hex screw with thread (SW9) that is compatible with the company's Torque Wrench. Other features include: Excellent EMC characteristics: The new, shielded M8 connectors ensure an EMC protected signal transfer - even in high disturbance areas. M8 Lite - The Alternative to Stainless Steel: Plastic sealing nuts for the M8 connectors, are a cost-effective alternative for applications that have previously required a stainless steel connection. Snap-In: Plug in - done: The connection principle of the M8 snap-in connectors is that simple. This saves time during installation and maintenance. Once these are snapped together they provide an IP65 protection rating. M8 connectors are also available for real time Ethernet via the EtherCAT protocol. Users can choose open-ended wires or ones with an M8, M12 or RJ45 connection on the other end. Molded connections ensure the highest reliability in industrial applications. The new M8 connectors for the food and beverage industry feature easy to clean stainless steel fittings, and their gray cable makes it easy to spot mold and dirt.

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