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The iMcV-10G-Converter SFP+ (small form pluggable), provides 10G connectivity for large fiber backbone applications.

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As a single-wide module, the new converter optimizes the cost-per-slot in a multi-port chassis, and its modular form factor also allows installation in a variety of chassis (20-, 6-, 3-, 2- or 1-slot). It supports an array of protocols and allows remote management from a central office when using SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). The unit is protocol-independent with dual SFP+ ports that can provide a single conversion between single-mode and multi- mode fiber, single-mode to single-mode fiber or multi-mode to single-strand single-mode fiber. Because the ports are not proprietary, they accept any SFP+ module that meets the SFF-8431 standard. The unit's DDMI (Data & Diagnostics Management Information) feature enables users to view the SFP+ status (fiber type, manufacturer, output power) when the company's iMcV-10G SFP+ module is installed in a chassis with an SNMP management module installed as well. The included GUI-based SNMP software, iView2, allows network operators easily to configure and manage remote network nodes from a central management host. The module supports an array of 10G protocols, including 10G Ethernet, 10G Fibre Channel, and OC-192, available via DIP Switch settings on the module itself.

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