Siemens: Cabling Systems for I/O Modules

The Simatic Top connect cabling system quickly and reliably wires Simatic S7-1500 input/output modules, eliminating terminal block connections.

Aw 19005 1310np Siemens

The system is available in a modular design delivering fast and well-organized field sensor and actuator wiring. The modular system includes plug-in front connector modules that easily attach to Simatic S7-1500 I/O modules and preassembled connecting cables. A flexible model is also available for simple wiring inside the control cabinet. LED signaling and signal conditioning from 230 VAC to 24 VDC options are available. With a cross-section of 0.5 square mm, individual wires are also suitable for higher currents and are available in different lengths and versions: as H05V-K single wires (PVC insulation); H05Z-K (halogen-free insulation) both versions for applications not requiring UL; or with UL/CSA certified single wires. Users can quickly select and order the required version with the TIA selection tool on the company's Web site. The tool helps select the correct components in the modular and flexible models for selected I/O modules.

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