Carlo Gavazzi: BACnet Gateway

The SBWEB BACnet Gateway simplifies field level wiring.

Aw 19508 1311np Carlogavazzi

The gateway allows the company's Dupline I/O modules, sensors and energy meters to be used as remote I/O for DDC Controllers in building automation systems. The data is automatically converted into BACnet /IP objects easily accessible for the majority of DDCs. This saves up to 80% of wiring and installation costs by eliminating multi-conductor "home run" cables from field devices back to DDC controllers. It also increases the possible distance between field devices and DDC controllers, reducing costs by decreasing the number of necessary controllers. With the bus-powered sensors and small decentralized I/O-modules installed at the actual sensor/actuator location, the field level wiring is significantly simplified. The decentralized I/O concept also provides a high flexibility for system enhancements and last minute changes. Features include automatic conversion of gateway data points from Dupline and energy meters to BACnet/IP objects; the ability to manage up to seven bus networks; smart protocol for configuration of modules over the bus; Modbus RS-485 port for connection of energy meters; easy-to-use PC-based configuration tool and a compact 2-DIN housing.

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