Belden: Industrial Ethernet Connectors

The Lumberg RSCIS 4D/9 and BRSCIS 4D/9 connectors feature insulation-displacement technology for a reliable and efficient data connection in unforgiving environments.

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For use by network engineers, system integrators and machine builders in establishing EtherNet/IP and PROFINET connections in the field, these connectors feature a new IDC technology that no longer requires installers to strip the wire of insulation before connecting. The connectors also require minimum force, saving time and effort during assembly and mounting. Two versions are available, each with specific features for certain applications. The RSCIS 4D/9 connectors are designed to meet the safety and quality needs of automotive, machine building and material handling applications, and will also carry UL's seal of quality in the near future. The BRSCIS 4D/9 connectors are proven for use in railway applications - according to European DIN EN requirements - where vibration and inflammability are major concerns when it comes to transportation system reliability and the safety of the people traveling. Other features include a left-hand thread between the connector and IDC body that allows for fool-proof attachment to other interfaces, and a diameter approximately 10 percent smaller than the market standard for IDC connectors, making them easier to handle and install in tight spaces.

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