Wireless Transmission of Safety Data

The openSafety bus protocol can now be transmitted via UDP using the black channel principle.

Wireless Transmission of Safety Data via UDP
Wireless Transmission of Safety Data via UDP

This facilitates the use of wireless transmission technologies for safety communication. OpenSafety can be configured flexibly, making it particularly well-suited for wireless data transmission. One application of wireless transmission for safety data is to communicate between fixed base stations and moving system components. This principle is used in warehouse logistics and baggage transport systems, for example. The user can configure openSafety with latencies of up to 2.5 seconds, which prevents low bandwidth or brief transmission interruptions from triggering unwanted safety reactions or stopping the machine. In addition, wireless safety communication allows self-driving units to switch safety zones without interruption. The transition from one zone to the next is seamless. This means that the units can be used flexibly and are always safe within the network. To provide comprehensive diagnostics, openSafety also has error counters and other diagnostic functions.

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