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New Intesis Gateway Makes Communication Between Profinet and BACnet Easy

HMS Networks announces a new Intesis protocol translator for communication between Profinet PLCs on factory floors and Building Management Systems with BACnet IP/MSTP.

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Key objectives can be achieved with factory-to-building communication
n factories, it is essential that environmental dimensions such as temperature, humidity, and air quality are controlled and monitored automatically to ensure optimal conditions for manufacturing and working staff. And, by ensuring efficient control of facilities such as HVAC and lighting systems, factory owners can save a lot of energy and manage emergency situations in a safe way.

However, when system integrators plan for factory-to-building integration, they normally face a heterogeneous and challenging communication situation. BACnet is typically the protocol used in the Building Management System (BMS) to control the facilities inside the building, and Profinet is one of the most used factory networks for controlling production processes.

Communication enabled with certified Intesis Profinet—BACnet gateway
Focusing on this situation, the new Intesis Profinet—BACnet IP/MSTP protocol translator from HMS Networks is a cost-effective and easy-to-install gateway solution that offers bi-directional communication between Profinet programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and BACnet controllers. Able to connect up to 1200 data points, the gateway is BACnet IP/MSTP server/slave on one side and Profinet I/O device on the other, featuring independent Ethernet ports. The gateway has been BTL certified for BACnet and carries the UL mark in order to guarantee the highest communication and quality standards.

Thanks to its strategic placement between the factory and building systems, the gateway becomes an enabler of very interesting applications such as energy metering of devices and machines in the factory from the BACnet-based BMS system, HVAC monitoring, and control from the Profinet PLC, as well as easy alarm definition and management.

Easy configuration and integration process using Intesis Maps
Intesis Maps, the common configuration tool for all Intesis protocol translators, offers a very intuitive configuration process for system integrators covering both sides of the gateway. Maps help integrators further in their projects by providing valuable EDE files for the BACnet integration, as well as GSD files and TIA portal TAG files for fast configuration of any connected Profinet PLC controller.

The result of HMS’ combined expertise in factory and building communications
Extending the comprehensive range of existing Intesis BACnet protocol translators, the new Profinet—BACnet version is the first product in a new line of Intesis gateways for factory to building integration that will be released step by step by HMS Networks. In these gateways, HMS combines its proven Anybus and Intesis communication technologies for industrial and building-oriented communication respectively, trusted by customers in millions of installations worldwide. 

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