Wireless Communication Devices Offer Simple USB Connectivity with Optimum Protection

Nov. 20, 2019
The IP 66-rated CU8210-M001 cabinet dome from Beckhoff establish reliable wireless communication via the USB port of an Industrial PC.

The WLAN and mobile devices also provide all necessary physical protection for components that stick out of control cabinets. As a result, wide-ranging applications can benefit from wireless connections to the machine controller without using attenuation-prone antenna cables. The units support efficient and globally usable wireless solutions for PC-based control technology when combined with the company’s CU8210-D00x USB-2.0 sticks for WLAN and 4G mobile communication. Designed for industrial WLAN and mobile communication components, the cabinet dome has an IP 66 protection rating when installed. The components inside the housing dome, such as the USB-2.0 stick for wireless connection and are completely protected against physical contact, dust and moisture in industrial environments. The cabinet dome can therefore be mounted both in the panel of the control cabinet and also directly on the machine or outside of control cabinets. The material, which is suitable for radio applications, is characterized by high stability and impact resistance and thus offers a high level of protection against deliberate and accidental damage. Locking the dome in place from the inside of the control cabinet provides additional security, ensuring it cannot be removed from the outside.

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