Process Monitoring for CNC Transfer Machines

NUM’s NUMmonitor software enables users of high throughput, multi-process CNC machine tools to implement process monitoring without additional hardware costs.

1911np Num

The software uses a CNC system’s built-in data collection and measurement capabilities to provide real-time monitoring of the power/current values of the electric motors on a transfer machine throughout its milling, turning or grinding processes. This makes it possible to minimize system downtime and maintain production quality by guarding against faults. Typically, these would include worn or damaged tools and undersize or oversize workpiece blanks. The software initially operates in “learn” mode to acquire the varying loads and drive currents of motors when the machine tool is running at optimal performance levels and with a sharp new tool. Up to eight motors can be monitored simultaneously throughout the machine’s operating cycle, and the software accommodates up to 11 different error detection criteria per motor. In the case of multi-NCK systems, a further eight motors can be monitored for each additional NCK. These machine cycle-time related operating parameters form “known good” event references can then be used for comparison purposes against data sampled during subsequent production runs. The user-programmed amplitude, duration and integral thresholds determine whether an event constitutes an “alert,” “alarm” or “shutdown” condition.

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