Hollow Shaft Encoder Kits with Self-Powered Multiturn Capability

Nov. 20, 2019
POSITAL’s new hollow shaft kit encoders are designed for installations where it is useful to have a rotary position measuring element (encoder) fit around a machine’s shaft or axle.

These capacitive hollow shaft kit encoders are not limited to a single-turn measurement range: they feature an integrated rotation counter that records each revolution the instrument experiences, even if these occur when no external power is available. Power for the counter circuitry is supplied by the company’s energy harvesting system, so there is no need for backup batteries or complex mechanical solutions. The encoders are especially well suited to robots and cobots. Weighing in at just 110 g, with an outer diameter of 80 mm, they can be integrated directly into the joints of the robot arms. Their open-center form factor leaves room for designers to route mechanical components, cables or pneumatic/hydraulic lines through the center of the joint. Their slim design (only 17.8 mm deep) and large central opening (30 or 50 mm) make them suitable for many applications, including servomotors and drives. Installation and commissioning are straightforward: a few simple steps and the measuring system is ready for use, without complicated calibration procedures.

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