Multi-Axis Servo System Conserves up to 96% of Energy Wastage in CNC Operations

ANCA Motion’s AMD5x multi-axis servo drive system captures regenerated energy with capacitor banks, rather than throwing it away with braking resistors.

1912np Anca

Servo application such as computer numerical control (CNC) laser cutting involve frequent decelerations, which return braking energy to the drive, where it is absorbed by the capacitors on the drive’s DC bus, and it can be shared by other axes. But when regenerative energy is too high to be absorbed by the capacitors on the DC bus, the excessive energy needs to be managed—generally by using braking resistors that dissipate (waste) the energy as heat. An alternative solution is to use capacitor modules in the system. This offers a way to slash operating costs, and this drive system supports both methods. It uses a bussed system architecture, and its power supply unit converts three-phase mains electricity to a DC supply to all bussed drives, and is suitable for accommodating multiple capacitor modules as well as servo drives. In tests, this saved in excess of 2 MWh of energy per month.

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