Motors for Electronics & Semiconductor Manufacturing

The IL+ series of updated ironless linear motors from Heidenhain’s ETEL unit are optimized for electronics and semiconductor manufacturing.

1912np Heidenhain

Offered in the same profile as the company’s existing ironless linear motors, these units have been redesigned for increased performance. A change in materials allows them to operate up to 600 VDC and reach a temperature limit up to 130 °C, as opposed to the previous market standard of 300 VDC and 80 °C. This allows an increase in overall speed along with a greater force operating range. Track sizes are available in increments of 128, 256, and 512 mm. Compared to the previous models, the series offers up to 20% temperature reduction at the same working point, reducing thermal expansion in both the glider and Magway as well as lowering any reduction in precision. The improvement of the forced air-cooling option now available on all sizes also allows an increase in continuous force by a factor of two. Motors are available in two size ranges: The ILF+ motors are small size units suitable for very high dynamic and low moving mass applications; their absence of force ripple ensures speed stability and makes ILF+ them appropriate for scanning applications where speed control is a key specification. The ILM+ motors are a more powerful version, suitable for mid- to high-mass scanning applications where zero attraction forces and good speed stability are required. The low mass per force ratio also makes them suited for very high dynamic applications.

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