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Pressure Transmitter for General Pressure and Level Applications

Krohne’s OPTIBAR PM 3050 comes in a wide range of pressure ranges and diaphragm styles and has a high overload resistance.

1912np Krohne

The device is also vacuum resistant with measuring accuracy up to ?0.1% of set span. An easily programmable optional display module offers response times of less than 50 ms, ensuring that pressure information is transmitted as quickly and easily as possible. The device’s compact design with a recessed metallic diaphragm and full stainless-steel construction provides it with the robustness necessary for a variety of different industries. For example, the range of hygienic process connections with front flush diaphragm compliant with 3A Sanitary Standard and EHEDG hygienic design makes the unit suitable for food and beverage pressure and level applications. Additionally, it may operate as an absolute and gauge pressure measurement of gases, vapors and liquids as well as a hydrostatic level measurement in open tanks.

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