Schmidt Couplings Connect Offset Shafts While Ensuring Constant Rotating Speed

Zero-Max Schmidt offset couplings provide machine designers with a proven method to ensure that machines operate with constant phase accuracy and constant speed throughout the rotation and cycle.

1912np1 Zeromax

Couplings are available with parallel misalignment capacity of 0.156 inches to 17.29 inches and torque capacities from 55 to 459,000 inch-pounds. Providing length space savings, they eliminate radial vibration from one end of the offset coupling to the other. Most important, the coupling allows for dynamic misalignment changes with no performance loss. Applications include printing and paper converting systems, where they provide constant velocity for accurate print registration and eliminate radial vibrations for uniform coatings on paper; metal processing systems, connecting to nip rolls for accurately feeding steel web material for processing; and automated assembly systems, opening up many new applications for automated systems including packaging, pharmaceutical, food processing and more. Their design allows for critical machine space savings on production floors.

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