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Testing Gas Pressure Regulators

The Crystal Engineering XP2i from AMETEK STC can help verify correct operation of pressure regulators throughout a distribution system.

2001 Np Ametek

Before installing a regulator, the digital pressure gauge measures the input pressure to assure that line pressure is as expected. It then measures the output pressure to verify that the regulator is working correctly. Following installation, routine maintenance requires that both input and output pressures are measured and possibly adjusted periodically. The unit is rated as a percent of reading so that it can be used accurately anywhere within its range. This means that gas companies can use the same gauge for multiple applications, rather than having one gauge tailored to a specific regulator. This versatility saves users money on their initial investment as well as annual maintenance and calibration costs. The gauge is designed for the rough, in-the-field environments in which many pipes are located; it is also temperature compensated, so accuracy will not be degraded if it's used between -10 and 50 °C (14 to 122 °F). For users looking to record the data collected from their testing, the pressure gauge with optional DataLoggerXP upgrade records up to 32,000 data points (as fast as one reading per second). Free software downloads the information to a spreadsheet for easy storage and accessibility.

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Ametek STC

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