Mobile Robot Moves Payloads Up to 250 kg

Omron’s LD-250 can be used to transport large automobile components such as transmission blocks and voluminous packaging materials—things that would traditionally be moved by human workers using carts.

2003np Omron

The robot is built with sturdier metal skins that can withstand unintended external impacts and more demanding duties. It can also automate the transportation of bulky materials such as transmission blocks, seats, or wire harnesses in the automotive industry, as well as voluminous packaging materials in the food and commodities industry. The robot will help companies that are increasingly urged to shift workers from material transport operations to other higher value-added tasks. Together with the Fleet Manager, which for the first time in the industry enables the control of multiple mobile robots with different payloads through one system, it will contribute to realizing a more flexible and optimized autonomous material transport system. The robot can easily be customized with conveyor tops, courier systems, and adaptive material handling mechanics to create a solution that best meets user needs. It also takes advantage of the company’s ability to customize mobile fleets with accessories that improve performance, such as HAPS*1, side lasers, and the Acuity*2 vision localization.

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