Cordless Adhesive and Sealant Dispenser

The COX ElectraFlow Dual Ultra 600mL 2-component cartridge unit from Sulzer is for operators using high volumes of sealant or two-part epoxy products.

2004np Sulzer

Powered by Bosch Professional’s 18 V lithium-ion batteries, the dispenser will mix two materials in a 1:1 ratio on a precise trigger-pull switch, helping users to extrude accurate amounts of adhesives and sealants for prolonged periods. It is compatible with the wide range of the company’s MIXPAC application system, which covers various two- component side-by-side cartridges and mixers. The unit’s twin-rack cordless drive technology effectively dispenses fluids from low to high viscosities while ensuring homogeneous mixing, and equal dispensing ratios for the entire volume of both cartridges. The cartridge locator feature works to locate and retain the cartridges in their correct position during operation thus, ensuring performance and reliability every time.

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