Stepper Drive

May 10, 2023

The new P80630-SDN stepper drive offers a more compact footprint, greater smoothness, precision and torque density relative to Kollmorgen’s previous models. Designed for fixed load, low speed point-to-point applications, the P80630-SDN stepper drive powers and controls stepper motors operating on 24 to 75 Vdc with up to 5.5 Arms current per phase (7.8 Arms peak). The P80630-SDN stepper drive supports conventional single-ended or differential step and direction interfaces (user-provided pulse train required) or CW/CCW command inputs. Dip-switch selectable settings include motor phase current, idle current reduction and step resolution up to 1/128 microstep. Dedicated enable input and fault output provide control of the drive's power stage and error monitoring. The p80630-SDN drive is also CE, RoHS and REACH certified.