Absolute Encoders

Jan. 11, 2024

Posital is rolling out a new generation of single and multiturn absolute encoders. These come with performance up to 18-bit resolution, improved energy efficiency and a Wiegand package featuring a new ASIC that functions as the logic controller for the battery-less multiturn system. The first absolute models released through the Nextgen initiative come with SSI communications interfaces. Other interfaces, including CANopen, fieldbus and industrial Ethernet will be introduced soon. The new generation of encoders will also be using Tunneling Magneto Resistance technology, resulting in more stable performance for a range of operating conditions. The new ASIC supports battery-free rotation counting in multiturn models. With this self-powered counter system, shaft rotation is recorded in non-volatile memory—even if rotations occur when system power is not available. Backup batteries are not required.