Automated Gauging System

Aug. 7, 2023

The Q-Span Automated Gauging System from New Scale Robotics now offers thread verification. This DIY robotic automation system is designed for high-mix, small-batch manufacturing. It automates gauging processes by combining existing manual gauges with a collaborative robot, grippers for part handling, metrology and robot control software, and automated data collection. No robotics experience is required to program the system. The robot arm loads parts into a fixture and activates the thread gauge to verify or chase threaded holes or external threads. The Q-Span System can then sort parts based on measured data or reject parts for defects. Systems can be configured for “GO” gauging, “NO GO” gauging, combination gauging, or even thread chasing. Data from all gauges in the Q-Span System is combined into one output for statistical process control and can be used in real time for in-process decision making.