ABB: Distributed Control System

Version 6 of System 800xA enhances security, supports upgrades on older platforms like Windows XP.

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The new version features improved protection against cyber threats, using the MS 8.1/Server 2012 R2 operating system; improved system installation that automatically sets policies simplifying system hardening; digital code signing to ensure software legitimacy; and faster, more immediate access to approved anti-virus files. In addition, performance has been optimized to the point where required infrastructure when upgrading from previous releases has been reduced, and in some cases users will see a 50 percent reduction in footprint leading to reduced capital and lifecycle costs. Additions in the new version include wireless routers, making possible the safe and secure deployment of mobile operator clients, maintenance workplaces, and even process controllers; new ways to visualize, curate, and analyze data with the addition of the Collaboration Table providing a 3D view of plant key performance indicators; a new information management platform enhancing secure connectivity so that data can be safely gathered and used for mining and analysis; and a list of operator effectiveness improvements including trend and alarm list enhancements, an embedded public address system, and a KNX interface that brings the operator's environment into the overall solution.

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