B&R: Process Control System for the Plastics Industry

The APROL process control system makes it possible to unite plant systems centrally into a complete system using any conceivable hierarchy.

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With a broad spectrum of functions - including integrated system simulation using MATLAB/Simulink - all levels of automation can be combined into a homogeneous system. Direct integration of external systems and signal sources allows an all-encompassing approach that ensures reliable and efficient operation of the system over its entire service life. The system's ConMon solution package provides vibration monitoring and analysis based on key condition parameters calculated from acquired measurement data, while the EnMon solution is used to acquire all relevant energy data and generate comprehensive reports for its evaluation and interpretation. Running on PC 910, it is a simple way to implement the requirements specified in ISO 50001. PDA (Process Data Acquisition) supports the often difficult task of recording process data throughout the entire production chain. Individual machines can quickly react to production parameter deviations by either compensating for them or stopping production.

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