Patlite: Voice Command/Audible Alarm Systems

The Smart Alert and MP3 Smart Alert Series audible alarms are used for commercial, manufacturing, industrial, institutional, and public settings to quickly and clearly alert individuals of an emergency or critical situation.

Aw 26380 1408np Patlite

The systems are available with a wide range of capabilities to accommodate different application requirements: 1) from simple built-in alarms and chimes to full voice sound; 2) from short, limited message capacity to four hours of playback with multiple playback modes; 3) for indoor or outdoor use with a variety of installation configurations; 4) with audible-only operation or with coordinated high-visibility single and multiple color LED signal lights; 5) with NPN or PNP transistor driven inputs support; 6) with 12 VDC to 240 VAC capabilities and more. The Smart Alert system uses various alarms and the MP3 Smart Alert systems uses voice and alarm technology and are specifically designed to attract the attention needed in noisy or hectic situations with a loud, yet clear audible command or alarm. Models range from the BSV series that measures 75 mm (3 in.) square and puts out 87 B at 1 meter to the EHS series horn that delivers 110 dB at 1 meter. The FV-127JP has a recording capability of 4 hours and 127 channels. These various models make them suited for airport baggage claim, school classrooms, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, mass transit terminals, parking lots, and other large public areas.

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