Pilz: Web-Based Process Visualization Software

PASvisu makes operation and monitoring easier.

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Based on Web technologies such as HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript, this platform-independent visualization package is operated intuitively and provides design freedom for projects. It gives users of the company's control solutions a complete view of their plant and enables visualization projects to be created and configured simply. Access to all the data in an automation project, including all process variables and OPC namespaces, means there is no need to enter and assign variables manually. Features include electable styles via CSS3 that provide a uniform, consistent image across the project at the click of a mouse. Predefined graphic input and display elements, called tiles, already provide all the relevant properties, such as prefix, suffix and error status. Other miscellaneous information needed in the visualization project is also processed automatically. Changes in the automation project are synchronized automatically and displayed, so users are always working with the latest project status. Offline simulation can also be used: without access to the control system and configuration is simplified using a special offline variable editor, which can be used to set and display values.

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