Control Loop Monitoring System

Nov. 3, 2016
Version 13 of Metso's PlantTriage software simplifies real-time performance management and strengthens cybersecurity.

The software gathers process data from many different control systems and monitors thousands of control loops, identifying and getting to the root causes of control system performance issues. Version 13 contains several cybersecurity enhancements; JAVA-related vulnerabilities have been eliminated, while integration with Microsoft Windows Authentication allows administrators to manage network security seamlessly, according to the customer's in-house IT policies. In addition, PlantTriage Enterprise Systems have been upgraded. An Enterprise System provides a single view of the corporation; combining KPIs and results from individual plant sites to a central portal. In the new version PlantTriage Enterprise Systems provide alerts for conditions on loops and units in remote PlantTriage systems. Valve position feedback information permits more accurate diagnostics of valve performance issues, and the software incorporates several new assessments and a problem solver report related to valve positioner performance.

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