Toolset for Digitalizing the Machine Shop

Siemens’ latest version of NX unites the next generation of tools for additive manufacturing, CNC machining, robotics and quality inspection to allow the digitalization of part manufacturing within a single, integrated, end-to-end system.

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Advanced automation capabilities for computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), including robotic programming, adaptive milling, and tooling design provide technology to help deliver high-quality products to the market in less time. The NX Machining Line Planner tool, combined with integrated NX CAM software for feature-based machining, provides new capabilities for industries with high-volume production of complicated parts, such as automotive and industrial machinery. New advanced capabilities in NX CAM 12 software for mold and die machining, production machining and complex parts machining let companies achieve a new level of efficiency. New capabilities for additive manufacturing make it easier to print production-quality parts with the full traceability of an unbroken data thread. Also new is NX Machining Line Planner software for high-volume production of complicated parts with many features.

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