Automation Programming Software Suite

PAC Project Software Suite R10 from Opto 22 combines real-time control, HMI and data handling functionality in a single integrated development environment to speed troubleshooting and improve communications.

Opto 22's Automation Programming Software Suite
Opto 22's Automation Programming Software Suite

The software combines all of the most-needed industrial automation elements, aimed squarely at making it easier for end users to configure control, HMI and communications functionality. This release supports the company’s new groov EPIC system, adds eight new control commands, and provides the ability to designate individual I/O and variable tags as public access for read-only or read-write use in IIoT data communications via MQTT/Sparkplug. New commands specifically for groov EPIC include Get I/O Channel Quality and Get I/O Unit Quality. As in previous versions, HMI programming is included, and uses the same tag name database as the real-time control engine, creating automatic integration between the two functions. Support for MQTT/Sparkplug data communication is provided by Ignition Edge, which is embedded in groov EPIC. MQTT’s publish-subscribe communication architecture is superior to request-response methods, and Sparkplug optimizes MQTT for industrial applications.

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