Modular Safety Gate System

The modular safety gate system offers individual safety gate products tailored to the requirements of varied applications.

2004np Pilz

The system features rapid diagnostics capabilities, additional control, and pushbutton elements, and an optional escape release. According to Pilz, different components can be provided and combined to fit the necessary application, allowing users to achieve an individual safety gate system tailored to the respective application. The system also includes the safety gate sensors PSENmlock with series connection for the safety gate sensor. Used in combination with the company’s Safety Device Diagnostics, targeted control of up to 16 individually controlled switches or gates is possible. Expensive individual wiring in the control cabinet is no longer necessary. Comprehensive diagnostics help to reduce downtime considerably. Two new versions of the escape release are available, which can be combined with all types of the safety gate sensor: A bar is used to connect the escape release directly to the base unit, while an escape release cordset is mounted on the unit via a pull-push wire. The latter enables the installation of the safety gate system and escape release to be physically separate. It is particularly easy to install and low-maintenance, as the pull-push wire does not have to be under tension. Both versions of the optional escape release ensure maximum safety.

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