Omron Releases Soft NA HMI System for its NY IPC Series to Optimize Control and Visualization

July 30, 2020
Omron Automation Americas recently launched a software version of its NA5 human-machine interface that will run on the Omron industrial PC series to give end users more control over their machines.

OEMs and end users seeking better control and visibility of their equipment will find a welcome solution in the recent product release from Omron Automation Americas. Omron has released its new Soft NA software for its industrial PC (IPC) to offer seamless and efficient control and visualization.  

The new launch is an integrated combination of the Omron IPC and Soft NA. As the Soft NA is the ideal HMI for applications not requiring a full supervisory control and data acquisition system, this product can eliminate the need for an IPC for data (such as enterprise resource planning, SAP, Sysmac Studio, or CXONE) and a separate NA5 human-machine interface (HMI) for NJ/NX machine control. 

The Soft NA implements the full functionality of the NA5 Sysmac HMI, but in a format that will run on an IPC. End users can take advantage of a product that’s essentially an NA5-HMI in software form. Before the release of this new combination, customers lacked an easy way to use Omron’s IPC as an HMI for the company’s controllers. 

End users needing an HMI interface to the Sysmac NJ/NX system and the ability to run additional software (ERP, SAP, data collection, etc.) are among those who can get the greatest benefit from this new solution. It’s also designed to help OEM customers who need to build NJ/NX-based machines with enough computer power for other applications.

Industry professionals interested in learning more about the new Omron IPC-HMI combination can learn more on the dedicated product page on the Omron Automation Americas website here.