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BMW Uses 3D Printing to Manufacture Powertrain Components

ExOne’s Exerial binder jet 3D printing systems are used for high-speed, accurate creation of sand cores that are filled with molten aluminum to manufacture engine parts for BMW’s M3 and M4 models.
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3D Printing Viability Determination

Awareness of 3D printing’s use beyond prototypes is becoming more well known. But how do you know if a part or product should be 3D printed or produced via traditional methods...
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3 Technologies Driving U.S. Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence and collaborative robots are changing every aspect of the manufacturing industries—from product design and production to supply...
Daniel Keyser, industry analyst, ARC Advisory Group.

Additive Manufacturing: A Sustainable Alternative

Additive manufacturing has a distinct materials advantage when it comes to producing a component or part from either a polymer or metal printer versus traditional subtractive ...
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How to Select a 3D Printer for your Plant

Advances in additive manufacturing are moving the technology in the direction of making production-ready parts. But before investing in 3D printing, take some time to understand...
Evolve's B&R-controlled process fuses 2D-printed layers into solid 3D parts, combining the flexibility of additive technology with the material quality and production volume of injection molding.

Motion Control Brings Injection Molding Quality to Additive Manufacturing

With the help of B&R’s automation technology, Evolve’s selective thermoplastic electrophotographic process produces product 10 times faster than 3D printing while delivering assembly...
The 3D-printed gripper attached to the robot arm is designed to remove specially designed injection molded parts. Source: Arburg

Robot Grippers Adapt to 3D Printing and Injection Molding Influences

Arburg, a manufacturer of injection molding machines, develops a robot gripper that can gently remove injection-molded parts with complex geometries without damaging the surface...

Automated De-Powdering for 3D Printed Parts

A new collaboration between Festo and Solukon aims to design a flexible handling system for automated de-powdering of 3D printed components.


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Additive Manufacturing Process Simulation

Additive Manufacturing (AM) Path Optimizer from Siemens combines physics-based simulation with machine learning to analyze a full job file before execution on the machine.


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3D Printing System from ABB

The MDPE10 particle extruder from Massive Dimension is capable of outputting 10 lbs of material per hour.
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The Evolution of Robotics Engineering

Otto Motors and HP offer simulation and 3D printing technologies to improve robot performance.
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3D Printing for Parts, Not Just Prototyping

Learn how 3D printing/additive manufacturing has moved well beyond its use as a prototyping tool and is now producing parts for use in assemblies. Watch this Take Five with Automation...