How Intelligent Conveyance Tech Delivers Operational Flexibility

April 20, 2022
Rockwell Automation highlights its MagneMover Lite material handling technology designed to provide greater flexibility for assembly, filling, or packaging operations in a variety of industrial environments—from food and beverage to semiconductors.

The MagneMover Lite system from Rockwell Automation is a material handling system designed to move light loads and outperform traditional belt and chain conveyors. It’s an example of Rockwell Automation’s independent cart technology, which uses magnets to control motion with frictionless propulsion.

The system is comprised of motorized track sections which fit together to form a variety of layout options. Tracks are available to meet IP65 ratings for cleanroom and wash-down environments.

Each cart used on the system’s track to move materials has its own intelligently controlled axis of motion, meaning that individual carts can speed up or slow down based on where other carts are in the system. The system also tracks what each cart is moving, so there’s no need to slow down for sortation.

Features of the MagneMover Lite system include:

  • Built-in motor, drive, controller, positioning and guidance;
  • Ability to handle payloads from 2.5 kg per cart up to 10.0 kg per tandem cart;
  • Speeds up to 2 m/sec;
  • Accelerations up to 4 m/sec2 depending on payload and cart type; and
  • Built-in track-and-trace capability. 

In the video above, Linda Freeman and Kevin Houk of Rockwell Automation explain the company’s intelligent conveyance technologies while demonstrating the MagneMover Lite at Modex 2022 in Atlanta, highlighting its customizability, diverting capabilities, non-contact motion, and quality control functionality. Freeman also shows how intelligent conveyance technology like the MagneMover Lite can be combined with traditional conveyors to increase throughput.

Learn about Rockwell Automation's other smart cart materials handling system—the iTrack intelligent track system.
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