PepsiAmericas Improves Efficiency Six Percent, Saves $120,000 Annually with Rockwell Automation

Feb. 11, 2008
PepsiAmericas turned to Rockwell Automation, a company it felt would not only deliver the right technology, but also offered reliable services after installation. The Rockwell Automation® Line Performance Solution based on the Rockwell Software® FactoryTalk® suite was integrated to provide a deeper view into the line’s operational processes. The solution aggregates and contextualizes key performance data to help correlate the variables that impact overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).
The Des Moines facility was experiencing unexplained interruptions on its canning line, causing a chain reaction of bottlenecks in downstream processes. This resulted in large blocks of downtime, which began to drive up labor costs and prevented PepsiAmericas from meeting its production goals. In an environment where an hour of downtime results in about $300 an hour in labor costs and $10,000 per hour in lost product, several hours of idle production can result in significant losses.
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