How EMI Software Is Helping Companies Dig

Sept. 1, 2011

Pepsi Bottling Ventures plant—Nampa, Idaho
“We started with quality control because it’s so critical to all our operations,” says Chris Bacon, production manager.  Now QC lab personnel save time because they no longer have to run down to the plant to check statuses.  
Next up: Creating one-click access to statuses for third-party auditors. 

JoutCon Oy—Southeastern Finland
Engineers optimized operations at two new board and paper sheeting plants. Software provides planning and execution at the corporate level, and full manufacturing execution at the mill level, says Tapani Lautamies, paper engineer and managing director.
Next up: Standard messages to communicate with suppliers as well as board and paper mills. Automatic order receiving and order status reporting will keep production lines operating at proper efficiencies.

Colorcon—West Point, Pennsylvania
The first project was data collection for the waste treatment process at this plant, which creates formulated coatings and other excipients for the pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement industry. Plant Support Engineer Alex Jushchyshyn says the company wanted “one-click reporting, no data manipulation to get summaries,” in an expandable system. The EMI solution allows data to be presented from disparate systems and databases on one platform. The engineering group, he says, “keeps track of eight servers—more than any other department outside of IT.”