Human-Machine Interface Development

Automation World focuses on Operations this month, and Dave Gehman, Contributing Editor, provides a technology trends overview of standards-based HMIs in his feature, HMI: Going from Cute to Effective.

Plant trends, such as point explosions, safety and inexperienced operators, are some of the drivers for a less cluttered control interface design. The article also dives into current initiatives and past ones, and provides insight on what ISA101 identifies as key issues. Maurice Wilkins of Yokogawa (, ISA101 co-chair, says in the feature, “Today’s ideal HMI minimize distractions and maximizes relevance. The data we gathered around a number of accidents reveal that in many cases, operators were simply overwhelmed by control panel distractions.”

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Gary Mintchell, Editor in Chief, also provides insights on where HMI design may go in the future with his Feed Forward blog, 061

Grant Gerke is Digital Managing Editor of Automation World.

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