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Company Overview

Beamex has helped over 12,000 companies in 139 countries find a better way to calibrate.

Beamex designs and manufactures multifunction calibrators and communicators for temperature, pressure and electrical instrumentation, pressure controllers, temperature dry blocks, hand pumps, as well as documenting calibration software and mobile inspection app. Calibration, configuration, troubleshooting for both analog and smart instruments like HART, Profibus, and Fieldbus are automated and results digitally documented with Beamex solutions.

Leadership in Automation
Service, support & spare parts:

Services, support and spare parts are available for all Beamex solutions.


Beamex offers various training courses to ensure that users and managers are able to learn the necessary skills to operate and manage the calibration system to its fullest potential.

Other services:

Beamex offers services for new system implementation, migration and training. Recalibration services for Beamex equipment are also offered.

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Beamex offers a comprehensive range of solutions including calibration software, mobile application for maintenance inspections and safety checks, portable calibrators, workstations, calibration software, and accessories that enable digital and automated processes.

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